#RetailersTalk Isa Petereit- Brigitte Magazin, Hamburg

brigitte talk

Together we are strong!
I hope you joined my insta live #retailerstalk on Monday at 6 pm- in German.
Powerhouse Isa Petereit, the deputy chief editior @brigittemagazin@barbaramagazin@guidomariakretschmer was my guest.
The timing could not be better, the Fall Season ist just around the corner, so as the question what to wear in the new now.

I know we all are trying to enjoy our Summer the fullest – but Fall will be here sooner or later and the new issue is showing more trends, more looks, more possibilities to express yourself

We were looking forward to all your questions- fashion, lifestyle, beauty, new challenges and new opportunities- join the ride and get to know some insights also about the wonderful team Isa is working with.

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