#RetailersTalk Julia Werner- Süddeutsche Zeitung, München

julia werner

My talk to adventurous @unterwernerliefen

Julia is back 💪 Our postponed #instalivetalk with Julia was finally happening. Truly be your own – that’s Julia’s life motto @unterwernerliefen

She is a writer, a journalist, en editor ever since. Already as a child she “told stories” and match was not her favorite at school. During her career she worked for different fashion magazines and quickly found her voice.

I adore her column @sz Stil. Being the deputy in chief @glamourgermany was incredible, but believe it or not, she quit her job. Standstill- not an option- there is so much more… Curious to hear what’s next for her?

It’s all about freedom and keeping the girl (or boy) in us alive. But what does freedom mean? What does it mean to follow your dream, to walk your own street?

I hope you tuned in and followed the journey. It’s all about learning from each other!

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Link to talk: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGiDpyup74X/