#RetailersTalk Michele- Laboratorio Capri, Capri


A very special insta live #retailerstalk was on Friday. In English. At 6 pm/ Noon est.
I was taking you to Capri again and I was so excited to introducing you to my wonderful friend Michele @laboratorio_capri

As you all know I am always on the hunt for exceptional and unique pieces and here we go…. you are in a fashion lovers heaven 💛!
Ginino’ s tailor-shop is a key location and reference for the international jet set since the 1960’s, thanks to the expertise and talent of two exceptional tailors Luigi and Maria Luisa, Michele’s parents

In 2010, after being in the fashion industry traveling the world for the longest time, Michele went back to “his” most spectacular home island and @laboratorio_capri and the creativity of his family expanded in a full collection of rigorously handmade pieces

Working with skilled artisans and the best tailors he reinterprets the style of the 50’s and 60’s. The exclusive colorful prints are truly unique! One print for example is an old post card print showing Capri back then- of course I had to get one of those pants.

Whenever I am “homesick” I wear them at home.
And YES, Michele is shipping worldwide! Can’t wait to talk to him- dive with us into a world of fashion, passion and what it means to going your own way, finding your own pace and doing what you truly love!